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Official OLYMPIA Whitepaper
βš½πŸŽΎπŸ€The sports industry is one of the largest in the world. Hundreds of millions of people contribute to it every day. Through sports, people help building a healthier and fairer world, practicing and promoting its values. However they get nothing in return. Only a few elite athletes get rewarded for their efforts and passion.
Furthermore, sports struggles to compete with other leisure activities. While most industries have benefited from the progress of technology, physical activity and wellbeing has lagged behind. The sports community is still highly fragmented while new generations spend more time on virtual experiences than on sports.
OLYMPIA has created a decentralized sports ecosystem, a complete metaverse with real world interactions. It aims to make sports more easy, fun and accessible. In small planned steps, OLYMPIA will introduce blockchain technology to millions of people. The structure is designed to incentivize all participants. Members will not only create the content but will also monetize, and even own, part of the ecosystem. Mixing gamification and ownership to get an experience that integrates the virtual world with physical activity.
The Olympia Token (OLX) will be the basis for that new sports economy, becoming the currency of sports.
OLYMPIA will progressively become a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) managed by the people who create the ecosystem. The OLX will be the governance token.
This project goes beyond a marketplace or a platform; it disrupts the industry. The economics of sports will change forever. People will start earning for participating in sports instead of just spending. We believe in empowering people by giving them a chance to live off their contribution. What we started as an idea, will probably be the biggest sports and blockchain project in the next few years.
At a time of ever accelerating progress of technology and of deep changes in our society, we believe in sports as the ultimate guardian of our values and humanity.
β€œMake the world more physically active, healthy and playful”
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